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Marianna Katsoulidi
  -  Reviews   -  Innocence – Restart «The Body of Innocence»

The works of Marianna Katsoulidi, are works of an archetypal force.
They fail to describe the world, to chat about it.
They do remind it what it lacks: THE BODY.
They denounce the intellectuality and lies of the emotions.
They are intensely challenging political works.
They suggest a total recall of innocence, its restart, in the innocence of a look that was banked by ideologies and vague egocentric stand offs.
They restart Art.
The new art that will express in the greatest possible truth the Real; which will hold a regulatory role in the new culture and our imminent civilization.
(From now on art will either be innocent as to its motives and expression or will exist not).
Marianna Katsoulidi, through her works,
Issues a challenge to the central point of existence,
Repositions the vigor of youth prior the injury,
Proclaiming innocent whoever looks at them and enters the – black and white, quiet – force of affection that rises.

Ioannis Psarras
Poet, Founder of the civilization and research center “Synthesis”& Psychoenergetic Analyst