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03/2022     «Beyond the realm of Ego / Not me possessions», Painting – Installation, Gallery Peritechnon

12/2020     «Human Toys», Ζωγραφική, Window Exhibition, Elephant Design, Αρχιτεκτονικό γραφείο / Art space

10/2015     «Animus – Anima(L)», Painting, Gallery Peritechnon

10/2013     «Innocence – Restart», Painting, Gallery Peritechnon

12/2011     «Fairy-tale colour», Painting, RIFIFI, Curator: Hera Papapostolou

10/2011     «HumanToys», Painting, “Melanithros” Art Space 

10/2007     «Bitter (Pill) End», Painting, Gallery “Mary Alexiou – Athens Art Space”

02/2006     «Tentative Hikes», Painting, “Egokeros” Art Space


12/2022    «ChildLife nothing else», Cyclades Art Gallery, Ermoupolis, Syros, Curator: George Aldouvas

09/2022     Art Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, Gallery Peritechnon, Zappeion Mansion

04/2022     «Don Quixote: Stunts in Paradox», Art Gallery I&E Vati, Syros, Curator: George Aldouvas

04/2022     KROMA, One – Off, «We are your friends» Romantso, Athens, Curation: ΚROMA team

02/2022     «1st Festival of Contemporary Greek Theatre of Shadows», Romantso, Athens, Curators: Iris Kritikou – Yiannis Spanoudis

11/2021     «Art Athina Virtual 2021 – Pop Up», King George, A luxury Collection Hotel, Athens

11/2021     «Collaborators large group show», Galerie F, Karditsa

01/2020     «La politica della Grecia», Art Prisma Gallery, Curator: Luisa Karapidaki

01/2020     «At the Studio», Hellenic American Union, Curators: Hera Papapostolou – Manos Spanos

05/2019     «The Tower of Babel», Platforms Project 2019, Athens School of Fine Arts, we 33 by Artia gallery

06/2018     «Linear Holy Spirit», Bouzianis Museum

06/2018     «12 Art – stations/statements, Peritechnon Gallery

05/2018     «We 33», Platforms project 2018, Athens school of Fine Arts, Artia Gallery

05/2018     «Yellow me», The Box

03/2018     «Less is More», painting exhibition, Evripides Art Gallery

10/2017     «3d Award of European Painting», painting exhibition, Frissiras Museum

09/2017     «Group Painting Show», Evripides Art Gallery

08/2017     «Human views», Art Gallery I&E Vati, Syros, Curator : George Aldouvas

06/2017     «P ART ONE», Gallery Peritechnon

01/2017     «My imaginary homeland», THE LOFT, Curator: Hera Papapostolou

10/2016     «Earth, Water, Wind, Fire – 4 Elements of Nature», Heraklion Visual Arts Museum, Crete, Curator: Maria Chaniotaki

06/2016     «The young and the restless», Evripides Art Gallery, Curator: Louisa Karapidaki

05/2016     ART ATHINA, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, Gallery Peritechnon

12/2015     «Contemporary art show – literature illustrations», Heraklion Visual Arts Museum, Crete

12/2015     «Elles», painting exhibition, Frissiras Museum Collection

11/2015     «Three generations of Greek Painting – Engraving», Moschandreou Collection, Municipal Art Gallery of Athens

09/2015     «Memory and Dream», 6th Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China

08/2015     «Sea of Kythera», Follow Your Art Gallery, Kapsali, Kythera, Curator: Hera Papapostolou

06/2015     «Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space» Team LSA – Project “Ornithes” Aristophanes, Greek Center of International Theatre Institute

03/2015     «Greek Contemporary Art 1», Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest

11/2014     «Women painting Women», THE LOFT, Curator: Hera Papapostolou

10/2014     «Resistance Now» Contemporary visual creation show VISUAL ARTS AND RESISTANCE, Pan-Hellenic show of the members of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Municipal Art Gallery of Athens

07/2014     «Art n’ Roll», Gallery Peritechnon

05/2014     ART – ATHINA, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, Gallery Peritechnon

04/2014     «ART is DLife», e-gallery DL Fine Arts Gallery, Art Showroom Porta, Restaurant kuzina, Curator: Dimitra Limniati

02/2014     «Enchantment – Disenchantment» Kennedy Gallery, Hellenic-American Union, Curator: Hera Papapostolou

05/2013     «ART vs CRISIS», e-gallery DL Fine Arts Gallery, Art Showroom Porta, Restaurant kuzina, Curator: Dimitra Limniati

03/2013     «Bo Project», e-gallery DL Fine Arts Gallery, Botrini’s Restaurant, Curator: Dimitra Limniati

09/2012     «ART IS HARD» ATHENS contemporary art and music festival, Old Peloponnese railway station

03/2012     Color in «Motherland of times» 24 painters – one encounter, M. Kakogiannis foundation

05/2011     «METart moves», Nikos Kesanlis exhibition space, Athens School of Fine Arts

07/2010     «Oasis en Aoasei» (Oases in the Desert), Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Megara

07/2010     «Tide of Contemporary Painting in Chalkida», Kokkino Spiti, Chalkida

12/2009     «The human form in Art», Panhellenic show by the Chamber of Fine Arts, Technopolis, Gazi

06/2009     «Street Art Festival», Ilioupoli, June 2009

05/2009     «Dreamlike Conditions», Gallery M-ART Space

04/2009     «Shores and Views», Kalamata Municipality Cultural Centre

02/2009     «Love is Everything»,Gallery «Mary Alexiou – Athens Art Space»

06/2008     «Graduates of the Master in Fine Arts of the Visual Arts Programme of the Athens School of Fine Arts» (showcasing masters projects), «Nikos Kesanlis» or «Ergostasio», Athens School of Fine Arts

06/2008     «Something is Going On…» Gallery «Mary Alexiou – Athens Art Space»

01/2008     «Image, Space, Action», Panhellenic show by the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Technopolis, Gazi

12/2007     «The red of fire», Painting-Sculpture-Engraving-Installations-Jewelry, «Egokeros» Art Space, Christmas in colour 2007

11/2007     «Tribute to Cinema»,Gallery «Mary Alexiou – Athens Art Space»

03/2007     «Poetry – Works inspired by the woman and poesy», Show by 16 women artists, «Calliope» Art Space, Chios

06/2006     Maria Chaniotaki «Scenography Workshop 2006 Graduates», Monochoro Art Space

05/2006     2004-2005 «Graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts», Nikos Kesanlis exhibition space, A.S.F.A, Athens

12/2005     «The red of joy»,Christmas in colour 2005 ,«Egokeros» Art Space

07/2005     «Ermoupolia 2005», Ermoupolis Municipality Cultural Centre, Siros

01/2005     Athens School of Fine Arts Graduates Union, Plaka, Athens

09/2004     «So, tell me about your toys»with the friendly participation of 77 Visual Artists, «Gianis Markantonakis» Visual Arts Workshop of the Chania Municipality, Crete

07/2004     Pythagorio Municipality Cultural Centre, Samos

05/2004     «The Olive in Modern Greek Engraving», Αwarded praise at the Panhellenic Engraving Competition by the Takis Katsoulidis Engraving Museum

01/2004     Kalamata Municipality Cultural Centre

08/2003     Pythagorio Municipality Cultural Centre, Samos

05/2002     Athens School of Fine Arts 6th Painting Workshop, Argos Municipality Cultural Centre