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What is Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy is a recognized form of psychotherapy that combines speech therapy with the use of various visual/art methods, such as painting, collage, creating structures, dealing with clay or plasticine and other creative means. Applied always within a psychotherapeutic relationship based on respect, empathy as well as the feeling of security created in an appropriate psychotherapeutic environment. Art psychotherapy seems to have positive effects considering mental health symptoms (depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, reduced quality of life, disturbed interpersonal relationships, low coping skills and self-esteem). Other important fields art psychotherapy can influence positively are also the understanding of one’s self and others, the personal meaning of life, as well as the self-expression, relaxation and mental empowerment.

To whom is addressed

Art Psychotherapy is addressed to all age groups, from children and adolescents, to adults and the elderly and can be applied individually, in groups, in couples or families. It is especially useful for people who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally and does not require any special “talent” or visual/art knowledge in any form of creativity, only the will for self-improvement and self-awareness.

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