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“Her painting is depictive, symbolic, with emphasis on design.
The subject – matter is anthropocentric with elements from toys, myths and fairy tales”

"In the artist’s works, the objects look as if they have a life of their own, as if they belong to the world of otherness, of strangeness; yet, they seem as if they desire meeting the Other, as if they expect to be re-invented through the viewer’s day-dreaming. They seem to abandon their usable origin and through a mental shift they find their place in the sphere of symbolism."

- Isavella Kladaki, Art Theorist & Art Psychotherapist

"Katsoulidi’s artistic expression in this work sums up to an attempt to approach human nature and soul – that inner something that “is” and “exists”. She makes the viewers aware of the inherent unconscious tendency to identify, depict and at the same time distinguish between the two aspects of the psyche: the feminine and masculine archetypes. She then challenges the balance between these two aspects, making her work a lyrical acceptance of the world and humanity, as they stand."

- Iren Palioura, Art historian & Valuer

"The painter explores the innermost being, the primal, original form of natural elements. She searches for the primordial element that has been entirely wiped out in present society, and she eloquently renders it in her painting, in a sequence, in the circle of life."

- Helena Staikou, Art Historian

"In contrast with what happens in reality, in her painting, man and nature coexist harmoniously, since fairy tale is a narrative coined with poetical imagination of the world of magic and the supernatural, and with no logical dependence on real life’s terms. So, her animals represent the joy of life, purity and innocence, and the people she paints stand for the fundamental principles of ethics."

- Hera Papapostolou, Art Historian & Critic

"The works of Marianna Katsoulidi, are works of an archetypal force. They fail to describe the world, to chat about it. They do remind it what it lacks: THE BODY"

- Ioannis Psarras, Poet, Founder of the civilization and research center “Synthesis”& Psychoenergetic Analyst

"She chooses the protagonists carefully, just like she chooses where to place them: on the verge of the painting, as if they are about to dive into the sea of reality, as if they are part of life. Or maybe they are. Do they look like us?"

- Elephant Design

"It is an experiment in memory and forgetfulness and in the end also an attempt on behalf of the artist, to preserve values. At this point emerges a serious question, that of the ephemeral in art... None of these works survives to date. A frozen world – reminiscent of a fairy tale without being one – made its appearance."

- Dr. Maray Georgousi, Art Historian

"The power of fantasy is combined with the understanding of the expressiveness of color, forms, figures. It is more about a subjective transcription of the subconscious spectrum of a creative person who is troubled about himself and the world, about man and his environment. "

- Prof. Stelios Lidakis, Director of the Museum of the City of Athens (Vouros - Eftaxias Foundation)

"Nature and animal are identified with the processes and inclinations of the subconscious, with the memories and objective facts that impress fluid emotional and behavioral circumstances, such as attraction, repulsion, hesitation, caution, mystification, hostility, assertion, audacity, tenderness, arbitrariness, reconciliation and subversion."

- Athena Schina, Critic & Art Historian